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What can I write on my tags?

We provide a tag wizard, which, by asking a few simple questions on a form, creates a suggested tag design for you based on the information you have entered. However, you can write anything you want on your tag, so long as the text physically fits. Our tag designer and our tag previews use the actual font used in the engraving process to give you as close as possible a realistic impression of how the text will appear on your tag. You don't have to use the tag wizard: you can skip it and go straight to our tag designer.

What kind of engraving do you use?

We use diamond engraving for a crisp, clear, and precise impression on the tag.

From which materials are the tags made?

Most tags we keep in stock are made of anodised aluminium. The material of each tag is stated on the products page.

Can I have both sides of a tag engraved?

Yes. You can create as many tag designs as you want and then when you purchase your tags, you select the appropriate designs you would like to have engraved on each side of both tags. This means you can have up to four different tag designs engraved on a set of tags.

If you only create a single design, we will engrave your design onto one side of the tag and our logo and website address on the other side of the tag.

Which font do you use? Can I choose a different font or font size?

We use Segoe UI Light. We have found this font to be a very clear and attractive font for engraving. You can not change the font or font size used for engraving unless you would like to contact us to request a completely custom tag design. See below.

How much do the tags cost?

A standard set of tags (two aluminium tags, a bead chain and two rubber silencers) costs £19.99. A basic set of tags (two aluminium tags and a bead chain) costs £17.99. These prices include engraving of one of your designs on one side of each tag, engraving of our logo and website address to the other side of each tag, postage and packing within the United Kingdom. The price is clearly displayed when you go through the purchase process.

How tough are the tags?

The tags are quite strong and do not bend easily under normal usage. It would require some force to bend one.

How do you store my data?

Your personal data is stored solely for our communication purposes. We do not engage in selling of personal data. Furthermore, all tag design text is stored in an encrypted format.

What is my NHS number?

In England and Wales, everyone who is registered with the NHS has been issued with an NHS number. This number allows NHS staff to quickly access your medical records in case of emergency. Your NHS number can be found on your NHS medical card and is usually ten digits long. According to the NHS, the presence of the number on all patient records is to become mandatory. For further information on the NHS Number, see the NHS Connecting for Health website.

I don't know my blood group. How do I find out what it is?

In the first instance you can check with your GP, but they may not know your blood type if they have never needed to find out in the past. A sure fire way of finding out is to ''do something amazing'' and give blood. See the NHS Blood and Transplant website for further information and to find out where you can give blood locally.

Which colours are available?

See the products page for the range of colours currently available. We aim to keep a varied supply of colours in stock at all times.

Can I mix tag colours in an order?

Yes. Select the colours you'd like to have when you make your purchase.

What are silencers?

Silencers are the rubber surrounds which can be placed around the edges of the tags to stop them jingling together. Although the jingling is pretty minimal under normal circumstances, some people prefer the tags to to have the silencers to completely stop the jingling. Others simply prefer the look of the tags with silencers on them.

Can I get silencers in other colours?

We usually only stock black silencers. These are far and away the most commonly requested and generally look the best with all tag colours. We may stock other colours from time to time or according to availability from our suppliers.

Can I buy individual tags?

Our tags are only supplied in pairs with a chain and optionally with rubber silencers.

Will you engrave a custom design onto the tag?

We are open to custom work, but this will involve set-up costs and may only be worthwhile if you plan to order larger quantities of tags. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this. You should note that due to the nature of the engraving process, text, line drawings and illustrations are suitable for custom design work, but bitmap images, such as photos, are not.

Which tags look best when engraved and are silencers necessary?

Well, in all honesty, we like the black and coloured aluminium tags the best, rather than the silver and gold coloured, stainless steel and gold plated ones, because the engraved writing really shows up well against the coloured tags. In terms of silencers, it's really down to personal preference. We don't personally wear the tags with silencers, as they do tend to attract dirt and require more regular cleaning. Tags are generally worn under clothes, so the jingling isn't an issue. On the other hand, some people just prefer the look of the tags with the silencers. It's all down to personal preference.

If none of the above answer any questions you still have, please contact us using the form provided.

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